BeyondD6 is now accepting applications for Beta testing.

This will involve testing the system, and submitting error reports, short surveys and other feedback. As well as letting you loose on the Beta version of the system, we will also be organsing select events for groups of players to join us in short test scenarios. If you want to be involved, then please leave your email address below, and we will follow up as Beta testing begins with a short survey which will allow us select users with a variety of devices, set-ups and experience.

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BeyondD6 is an online gaming system for the Star Wars D6 Role Playing Game by West End Games. It allows you to generate characters, spend experience, allocate equipment and even play these characters online. It provides tools for GamesMasters to create and share content and sculpt compelling stories using this game system.

Tools for players

  • Character Creation System
  • Many Player Character Species
  • Allocate Force Powers, Skills and Attribute dice
  • Spend Experience and power your character up
  • Allocate equipment, vehicles and ships
  • Click to roll your skills

Tools for Gamesmasters

  • Create Campaigns
  • Invite and control access to your games and campaigns
  • View player characters
  • Create text to share with players in a number of different styles
  • Share images and maps with players
  • Control which players see your content, and which times
  • Control Equipment, Vehicles and Ships used by your players
  • Grant & monitor Character Points and Force Points
  • Access to more than 5000 stats and rules from within your games!
  • With more features being added

BeyondD6 Alpha Test Log-in